Brampton Farmers' Market

Sustainable Brampton has been working with the regular stallholders to make Brampton farmers’ market a huge success.
We pride ourselves on the quality of everything that is sold at the market. Come along to Brampton for the best local, fresh food.
Over the past year the market has gone from strength to strength and the occasional special markets have delighted many customers, new and old alike.
Recently we had a Christmas special market which, as well as you regular food stalls, including a BBQ (using stallholder produce) live music, craft stalls and even carol singing!
These events are more and more popular as they are not just a chance to do some shopping for the wonderful local goods we have on offer but are also a great social occasion which is important to the community. We are convinced it’s vital to have a good chin wag over the fresh fish or Sunday roast purchase!
We now have more stalls than ever with several new members signing up including charcuterie, traditional pies and fresh pasta. Our knowledgeable stallholders are always happy to recommend a product for a specific meal or even a recipe from the ingredients you can buy from the market. Come along and try us out.
For more information or to get involved in any way, please contact Heather on
Details of upcoming markets can be found on our events page and are also listed on some external sites, eg Stay in Cumbria.

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Meet the Stallholders

Featherstone Farmhouse Pantry

Our range of breads include plain tin loaves either white, wholemeal or malted grain and a variety of speciality breads.

These include Apricot & Walnut (great with a chunk of cheese),

Mixed seed (this contains pumpkin, sesame, linseed and sunflower seeds)

Cheese & Onion

Sundried tomato


Moody Baker

We are an artisan bakery co-operative based in Alston, high in the pennine hills.  Since 2002 we have made it our mission to create quality, healthy food from the finest ingredients and made by hand. We are also very experienced at catering for those with special dietary requirements.

Wardall Dairy

Wardhall Dairy is a small family run business based at Ewe Close Farm, near Arkleby in North West Cumbria.

It was started in August 2007 by Lynn & Thomas Ballantine Dykes.

Lynn is in charge of creating the delicious products and Thomas handles the paper work.

David Knipe

Free range perchery eggs, chickens and ducks (turkeys bronze and white at Christmas) all slowly reared. All fed on a pure vegative diet and all processed to the highest standards. Also chicken and turkey burgers and chicken sausage.


Hallsford Farm: our family farm, is situated just south of the Scottish Border in Northern Cumbria. This is an area known as the 'Border Reiver Country', where 400 years ago rustlers and outlaws terrorised the Anglo Scottish frontier.

Farming and border raiding were the principle sources of income. Today farming, by and large, is still the main activity.

Birdoswald Cheese

Our Organic Handmade Farmhouse Cheese is made using the original recipe brought into Ayrshire in Scotland from Ireland in 1688, by Barbara Gilmore.' (she was a Scotish exile who's farm was near Dunlop.)

Our small herd of Ayrshire cows, feeding on the clover rich pastures and hay meadows at Slack House Farm, are ideal for reproducing the texture and flavour of this unique cheese.

Askerton Castle

Welcome to Askerton Castle Estate – an organic farm specialising in hardy native breeds in the beautiful wild countryside near Hadrian’s Wall in North East Cumbria.

Annette's Lakeland Kitchen

Annette comes from a family with a
love  of confectionary, and a love of food

She always pays attention to detail,and
all the chocolate products she creates reflect that
aspect of her personality.

But as with all things, the proof is in the

Deer 'n Dexter

We rear Red deer for meat and Dexter cattle, the smallest of the
traditional breeds, on our upland hill farm on the northern edge of
Cumbria's Lake District.  Our stock are naturally reared and extensively
grazed on natural meadows and clover-rich swards. Slowly grown, our meat
has time to develop a mature flavour, whilst remaining tender.

Bessy Beck

Bessy Beck is a family owned business situated at the foot of the Howgills,
using the headwaters of the river Lune to operate a fish farm. Fresh and
smoked trout are sold to local Hotels and to the public through Farmers
Markets. We have a tea room and farm shop as well as three fishing lakes

Hadrian Organics

We are a co-operative of organic farmers and growers that was set up in 2002 to sell our produce directly to consumers. We are all based in North Cumbria, close to Hadrian's Wall.

Today we have 5 members and produce a wide range of food and food-related goods, from lamb and beef to milk, fruit and vegetables, preserves, geese, eggs, wool, and even sheepskin mittens and slippers!


Outreamer Homemade Foods started in 2003 selling cakes mainly to family, friends and work colleagues. I then progressed to supplying a few coffee shops in Carlisle and the local area as well as attending farmers markets where I sell cakes and preserves.

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